Artist Statement

Based on shapes like squares, bottles, clouds and lines I start to involve you in my world
of expression. The focus is on the process itself.

I work site-specific and/or with key topics. The main frames are squares, bottles and clouds.
Thematically I am interested in holistic concepts, sustainability, evolution of society.

Always I like to bring in something new. This challenge thrills me and implies agitation.
This feeling is something I want provoke in the audience too. Not with the trigger finger
and not named directly. Just allusively visible, willingly invisible on the level of
feeling and sense.

I prefer the imprecise cause as this opens a big field of interpretation and brings up
sensations. They can be individual and collective. In this way my artworks describe
the attempt to repair thoughts or reanimate objects. I move and work at the edge of art
because this tickles the people - audience as well as the art workers.


 Delabeled _ _ Delabeled

"Delabeled" 2016



"Delabeled nearly" 2016


Und mit allerletzter Kraft.
Der Hydra 4 Köpfe entfernt.

Wo seid ihr Gefährten und Musen?
Ich kann eure Tatkraft nicht sehen?

Es würde mir sehrwohl den Rücken stehlen!
Wollt mich erst an meinem Grabe wiedersehen?

Die Hydra ist auf der ganzen Welt.
Und auch in eurem Zuhause zuhauf.

Nur ganz, ganz wenige sind von der guten Sorte.
Man kann die guten meist an einer Hand abzählen.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Strampelanzug der Kabellosgeneration 2015

hlubo from Immanuel Rohringer on Vimeo.
Performance @sculpture garden castle Hluboká nad Vltavou in the death zone of Temelin 2013