Immanuel Rohringer born in Berlin.

2014 Diploma of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
(Amelie von Wulffen, Heimo Zobernig, Florian Reiter)
2000 Graduation as "staatl. gepr." graphic designer, Lette-Verein-Berlin

Exhibitions, Selection

2018 "In the sky" Installation, solo show @Werkhalle Wiesenburg /Berlin
2017 9 participations/contributions @exhibitions @Kreuzberg Pavillion /Berlin
2016 21 participations/contributions @exhibitions @Kreuzberg Pavillion /Berlin
2015 "The pool side of town" group exhibition, Kreuzberg Pavillion /Berlin
2014 "Nieschen" exhibition with Mike Blumentopf, ABCG /Vienna
2013 "Most" group exhibition, OKF /Budapest
2013 Group exhibition, AJG - Ales South Bohemian Gallery /Hluboká nad Vltavou
2012 "Drinnen /-Draussen" group exhibition, OGA Offene Galerie Ardizón /Vienna
2012 "Are you a legitimate artist?" group exhibition, Friday Exit /Vienna
2010 "fuzzy sets" group exhibition, After the Butcher /Berlin
2009 "Reste aus 14 in Abstrakt" group exhibition, Pro Choice /Vienna


2011-2014 "Werk im Werk 1-8" exhibition series /Vienna

Berlin, Oktober 2018

Artist Statement by Immanuel Rohringer

Based on shapes like squares, bottles, clouds and lines I start to involve you in my world of expression. The focus is on the process of production itself.

I work site specific which means to include the preexisting environment and to adopt the space or key topics. My focus is on holistic concepts, other themes I am interested in are sustainability and the evolution of society.

I always like to bring in something new. This challenge thrills me and implies agitation. This feeling is something I also want to provoke in the audience. Not with the trigger finger but allusively visible, willingly invisible on the level of feeling and sense.

I prefer the imprecise because this opens a field of interpretation and creates sensation which can be either individual and collective. On this track my artwork describes the attempt to repair thoughts or reanimate objects. I like to work at the interface of disciplines and thereby to connect art, design and functionality for example with #delabeled. I believe that this is what tickles the people - the audience as well as the artists.